In a world increasly green, Enterprise Hotel wants to offer to all the guests a total green stay. This is the reason why in 2015, the 4-star design hotel in Milan, has renovated the Certification of Environmental Quality EcoWorldHotel.

For the 6th consecutive year the hotel has respected the requirements of sustainability envisaged in the “Guide for environmentally sustainable accommodations“. Enterprise is the first green hotel in Milan that has renovated the certification following the new iter planned by Certiquality.

A green hotel in Milan since 2009

Since 2009, the hotel has launched a continuous process of ecological sustainability, which this year was rewarded with obtaining 2 Eco-leaves.

Damiano De Crescenzo, GM of Enterprise Hotel and Planetaria Hotels, commented the great result: “We’re proud of the 2 Eco-leaves obtained; the efforts to achieve this important goal have been very high. Recognising the true impossibility, for a hotel formed few years ago, to become a green hotel, the efforts and resources were the means by which we could satisfy the desires of a new target customers. These two “little leaves” and the EcoWorldHotel membership are and will be a continuous challenge and a progressive incentive to the diffusion of the eco sustainable culture, with the desire to extend to all the 9 structures of Planetaria Hotels group the commitment to environmental sustainability. With courage, pride and constancy we’ll grow and develop the bud in the hotel of a conscious and green oriented behaviour, with the firm belief that it’s the only way to improve our welfare, present and future.”

Enterprise Hotel green hotel in Milan

From the left: Armando Romaniello, Marketing Manager and Industry Management of Certiquality – Damiano De Crescenzo, GM Enterprise Hotel and Planetaria Hotels – Alessandro Bisceglia, President of EcoWorldHotel

The continuous commitment of all the staff of the structure allowed to get the desired result. They were involved all departments, but especially the food and beverage area. Especially in the year of Expo, it was decided to prefer regional raw materials and promote the local cuisine. The Sophia’s Restaurant, restaurant inside the hotel, offers a wide choice of local products and, on request, serves dishes for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

The 2 Eco-leaves were awarded through an Audit carried out by Certiquality that ensured the observance of the 37 key requirements. Enterprise Hotel is ready to satisfy all the needs of its customers by providing high quality services, with a particular focus on reducing the environmental impact.

certiquality EcoWorldHotel

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Opened in 2002, the Enterprise Hotel is the first 4 star superior design hotel in Milan. It'is the boutique hotel that best represents Milan’s creative and innovative spirit, with its ideal combination of inventive design and traditional efficiency.