Do you know the table of the dining room of the famous Mr.Grey’s apartment of 50 shades of grey? For those who missed it we show you a picture and for those who are more curious have a look the virtual apartment tour.

appartamento Mr Grey

It seems the new table of Sophia’s Restaurant, the elegant restaurant at Enterprise Hotel in Milan, which with its 50 shades of wood has renovated the place.

Nature decorated the Sophia’s

2015 is a year of changes for Enterprise Hotel. The 4-star design hotel in Milan, after having modernized its Event Plaza with colored stripes, decided to turn in a new look the elegant restaurant, Sophia’s Restaurant.

In fact, to beautify the spaces of the restaurant has arrived a large table with a magnificent history. The new piece of furniture, unique piece obtained from a trunk of Suar destinated to be cut down, was recovered on the slopes of Mount Salak in Indonesia, sawed and planed by hand along its lines of growth in order to highlight the nuances between the bark and the marrow.

nuovo tavolo ristorante a Milano

Both legs and floor derived from the same trunk and, as usual traditional country, have been grafted without the use of metal parts. Processing human was minimal: the hand of man has only highlighted what nature hid behind its bark.

The trunk was worked in Jakarta and it was transported for 30 days by sea to Venice and then to Milan, traveling over 12,000 kilometers. A long journey that brought this magnificent table to be the new star of the restaurant of Enterprise; accompany breakfasts, lunches and dinners for all those who will take a break at Sophia’s Restaurant.

Waiting for the arrive of the Christian Grey of Enterprise Hotel, discover more about Sophia’s Restaurant. The cuisine of Chef Otello will satisfy all tastes!

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Opened in 2002, the Enterprise Hotel is the first 4 star superior design hotel in Milan. It'is the boutique hotel that best represents Milan’s creative and innovative spirit, with its ideal combination of inventive design and traditional efficiency.