Visiting Milan is also taste a good risotto alla milanese (saffron risotto), but sometimes we’re so busy and we don’t have time to stop and relax in a typical restaurant. This is the reason why at Milan Suite Hotel we found the right solution to satisfy also your palate with a risotto alla milanese ready in only 20 minutes.

With Seat&Eat not waste time

It’s called Seat&Eat and it is our new service for our guests. You can phone n°9 directly from your room and order a delicious risotto alla milanese. We’ll recall you back as soon as risotto will be ready and you can reach the Lounge Bar at the ground floor to have a relaxing dinner without wasting time.

Risotto alla Milanese SEAT&EAT

With Seat&Eat you can save time without give up to the taste Italian kitchen!

Stay at Milan Suite Hotel and try our new Seat&Eat service!

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Milan, Italy

Milan Suite Hotel, first 4 star design hotel in Milan, has become the symbol of elegance and sophistication in a ethnic fang-shui style surrounding. The hotel, researched in every detail, welcomes its guests in an intimate and familiar atmosphere where privacy and discretion are the priority.