In a world increasingly green Enterprise Hotel works every day to get even more eco sustainable.

After much effort, the design hotel in Milan has been included among EcoWorldHotel, the first affiliate of Italian tourist accommodations eco sustainable who care to protect and safeguard the environment.

Tourist accommodations were divided by EcoWorldHotel according to their different environmental commitment, symbolized by a growing number of eco-leaves.

Enterprise Hotel has 2 eco-leaves, indicating the possession of the 15 mandatory requirements as well as numerous optional requirements.

60% of our taps have a water-flow rate of less than 6l/min. All toilets have an automatic or manual rinse device for rinsing every single urinary. There is an eco-sticker inside every bathroom inviting guests to use their towels responsibly. We treat all waste water. We only water the garden at sundown.

80% of our office equipment has “Energy Star” certification in compliance with EC regulation no. 2422/2001 of the European Parliament and Council. More than 60% of our light bulbs are energy saving, and we use LED lighting for rooms and common areas. We have an automatic system to turn off outdoor lights; the magnetic key-cards for rooms mean the electricity in the room is completely turned off when the card is removed from its slot. You can adjust the temperature in each room separately, and we check all boilers and air conditioners every year, as well as periodically cleaning the filters.

Every bathroom has a waste bin. We separate organic waste, paper, plastic and glass, and we collect used batteries for recycling. We also dispose of cooking oils and fats in compliance with Italian law, and waste from printing, computers and hardware are dealt with by a specialised external company.

We share our environmental policy with our staff and clients through our website, blog and Facebook page. We use eco-compatible materials for all our promotions and advertising: business cards, flyers, brochures, headed paper, envelopes, invoices, receipts and restaurant menus are all printed on FSC certified paper. We use exclusively FSC certified office paper. We have reduced the number of newspapers we buy, and activated a free download service for more than 2000 Italian and international digital papers and magazines.

At least 20% of the raw materials used in our restaurant, breakfast room and bar are sourced from organic or local farming. At the breakfast buffet, we have a special section for organic and gluten-free products, which are provided in their original packaging so that guests can read all the information. Whenever possible, the Chef selects local, fresh and seasonal ingredients. We also offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes on request. We use 1l glass bottles: we have a “re-usable” glass agreement with our supplier, allowing us to return the empty bottles in exchange for full ones, contributing to recycling the bottles. Our disposable napkins have EU Ecolabel certification, guaranteeing responsible forest management while respecting the economic and social system. We organise evenings with typical local menus to promote local cuisine.

We have an eco-friendly laundry service: our towels, bed and table linen are made from certified OeKo-Tex cotton, guaranteeing the complete absence of toxic substances in the fabric. Our toilet paper, paper towels, face tissues, soaps in public bathrooms and at least 1 personal hygiene product in our guest bathrooms have EU Ecolabel certification. We use at least 2 certified cleaning products, and our staff is properly trained on the amount of products to be used.

Given our privileged position, we provide maps and useful information to our guests to help them get around easily and reach the crucial points of the city using public transport or the municipal bike sharing service. We offer 5 charge-up points for electrical or hybrid vehicles, so guests staying with us or attending a meeting can easily and conveniently charge up their vehicles.

The hotel is accessible for disabled people even without an assistant. We are pet-friendly. We are a member of the Baby Pit Stop project in collaboration with Unicef to guarantee that mothers can safely and freely nurse their babies.

green hotel a Milano

A project to protect the environment covering the entire structure. Both employees and travelers are informed of the environmental policy adopted by Enterprise.

But inside the green hotel in Milan there is also a cute little elephant that gives each month some useful advice GREEN.



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Milan, Italy

Opened in 2002, the Enterprise Hotel is the first 4 star superior design hotel in Milan. It'is the boutique hotel that best represents Milan’s creative and innovative spirit, with its ideal combination of inventive design and traditional efficiency.