From over 100 years, the Grand Hotel Savoia is the main actor of the Genova’s hotellerie history.

1897 is the year that marks the beginning of this  great history. It was then, when Federico Fioroni, founder and first president of “Italian Association  of Hoteliers”, built what would become the actual Grand Hotel Savoia.

From the first to the second half of the last century, the hotel has witnessed the many social and economic changes that have affected our country.

In this period, it has changed its name, passing from the original name “Grand Hotel Savoia” to “Hotel Savoia Majestic”, and has also undergone a significant renovation, required to accommodate the increase of customers.

Grand Hotel savoia Genova

Grand Hotel Savoia Genova

The hotel has hosted the greatest exponents of the most important Italian and European families: political exponents, celebrities of the art world, musicians and actors. The “Guestbook”, established in 1907, proves the passing of these famous people.

At the same time, the hotel has always preserved its excellence and was the first in Italy to ensure in every room, with private bathroom, hot and cold running water. And also became the first hotel in Europe to have an air centralized conditioning system.

From 2008 the hotel is born again as “Grand Hotel savoia” thank Planetaria Hotels, the new owner. Today, after some works of rehabilitation and restoration, welcomes its guests in an elegant and traditional setting, who has never forgotten its own history.

Now it’s up to you…get ready for your trip at Grand Hotel Savoia.

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Genoa, Italy

Grand Hotel Savoia is a 5-star jewel of hospitality in the centre of Genoa. Entering the Grand Hotel Savoia is like stepping back into the past on board a marvellous transatlantic liner sailing for distant shores.