Thanks to Mr. Pierre Desfontaines that had the wonderful idea to combine the meringue with melted chocolate and cream. Apparently it was a simple idea but he discovered the famous Macarons. At our days they have different color and flavor. Mr. Pierre was the cousin of Ernest Ladurée, an owner of an important Parisian bakery, that now it is really famous for their great macarons.

Ladurée Macarons

Today Ladurée means elegance and refinement and this fantastic bakery arrived in Milan making happy the Macarons lovers.

Macarons are also famous used for house design and jewelry. At Chateau Monfort you can find great macarons as pouf


.. but we have to satisfy your palates so you can find them also on our breakfast buffet!

chateau_monfort (18)

absolutely yummy!

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