Travelling is one of the most funny and formative experiences that you could ever wish for. It allows you to discover enchanting places, to act like the main character in beautiful landscapes, to get in touch with other cultures.

But have you ever thought that even on holiday you can be green and act so to respect our Planet?

Let’s go Greeny! An elephant at the green hotel in Milan

This year our green hotel in Milan Enterprise Hotel, always involved in environmental issues, will give you some advice on sustainability. Earth will be grateful.

Greeny, the cute elephant that lives in our green hotel in Milan, is coming with you in a very green adventure!

Green hotel in Milan

So ready, steady, GO!

  • Choose a green hotel. The first step is planning: choose a green hotel that pays attention to green policies and possibly certificated. Did you know that the green hotel in Milan Enterprise Hotel consume only 5L of water per minute?
  • Travel light. Once you chose the green hotel, you must start to prepare your luggage always keeping a green attitude: if you travel light it will end up in less pollution and it will also be more practical. Moreover, don’t forget to take with you a solar energy charger for your batteries.
  • Choose the train. It is environmentally friendly. Did you know that its CO2 production is lesser than the one of cars and planes while it saves more energy per passenger?
  • Have an eco-friendly attitude even in your room. In your green hotel ask to change your towels only if and when it’s necessary and save the water! Did you know that you can consume less soap and water by simply using a sponge when taking a shower?
  • Choose restaurants with local food. For example, Sophia’s Restaurant in the green hotel in Milan Enterprise Hotel. Plus, did you know that during our breakfast you can find the “Nature&Wellness” corner?
  • Walk! Walking is the best way to fully enjoy a new city and it’s also an healty habit. For example, from the green hotel in Milan Enterprise Hotel you can easily reach Parco Sempione. Once there, you can admire the inspiring Arco della Pace and visit a fashion/design/ architecture/cinema/art exhibition at the Triennale di Milano.
    Furthermore, you will travel back in time in front of the natural historical movie set Castello Sforzesco and then get lost in the middle of the ocean thanks to the Acquario Civico. Finally, you will end up crossing the Ponte delle Sirenette and fall in love with the Arena Civica.
  • Take care of your animal friends! Use natural products that respect your animal’s PH and choose a green hotel that takes care of them! Did you know that the green hotel in Milan Enterprise Hotel has a special kit perfect for them?

Now that Greeny gave you some advices in order to let you live a true green travel experience are you ready to leave? Tell us your green strategies for sustainability by using the hashtag #LetsGoGreeny, don’t waste time and plan your holiday starting with choosing a green hotel in Milan like Enterprise Hotel.

Green hotel a Milano

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