Art lovers, Pop Art followers, curious of all, we remind you that until the 9th of March Andy Warhol waits for you at Milan, to Palazzo Reale.

The great American artist is in fact the star of a art exhibition with almost of his masterpieces and we have to thank Peter Brant for this occasion. Warhol’s close friend and well-known collector, Brant bought a drawing of the famous Campbell’s Soup when he was twenty years old, beginning the most important contemporary collection in the world.

Today, 150 works, paintings, photographs and sculptures are all part of this collection. Ad Artem Milano has also thought to children, preparing them for a creativity visit.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

Three workshops divided by ages:

– 4-5 years old: watercolors to draw common objects in a color world.

– 6-10 years old: subjects coming from our daily live will be printed in series with different colors.

– 11-15 years old:  reflections on many issues that revolve around the birth of consumerism as pop art, advertising, mass-produced objects and characters transformed into veritable icons.

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