Some time ago we told you about the new app ART STORIES that involves kids and helps them to discover the beautiful Italian cities.

After the first release regarding the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, today we want to share with you the second exit of the app that it’s about the Duomo di Milano giving voice to its protagonists, funny and learned, to capture the attention of children and teach them to love the stories and history hidden in every monument of our cities.

Art Stories start from Milan

Art Stories tells the Cathedral with numbers and episodes that reveal the history and events. 3159 statues and 135 spiers; 2 churches even older first built on the same grounds, first emperor for its inauguration and an infinite time for its construction: 600 years. Your children will have so many things to discover and learn about Milan!

Art Stories Duomo di Milano

The Art Stories app allow families to interact in an easy way with art and history.

art stories available on app store


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