Milan Suite Hotel surprised all guests with a great and funny news. To make more pleasant your stay in Milan, the hotel now has the Playable Room.

Playable Room is an amazing idea for recreate a place, inside the hotel, where you can relaxation and play during your stay for leisure or business in Milan.

Playable Room Milan Suite Hotel

Playable room @MilanSuiteHotel

What is Playable Room? At the first floor you can find an original and unique entertainment. The Playable Room comes up from the cooperation with Namco Bandai, industry leader. It is a place where it’s possible play games for every ages, equiped with X Box 360 and tv LCD 42″ full HD 3D to share with friends or to spend alone for a completely full immersion.

playable room @MilanSuiteHotel

Playable room @MilanSuiteHotel

You have only to decide your game and say it to the reception. The Playable Room is 24 hours at guest’ s disposal. Enjoy the Playable Room!

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Planetaria Hotels is a totally Italian hotel chain, established in the mid-1990s, which started out far from the neutral style and standardised layouts then in favour, taking the risk of creating a new product on the hotel industry scene. The hotels of the group are in Milan, Trezzo sull'Adda, Genoa, Florence and Rome.