At Château Monfort there is a stylish Wine Bar that opens his ornate gate for everyone who loves to enjoy wine tasting. This is the Cella di Bacco: an intimate and cozy, fully dedicated to the God of Wine.

Inside you’ll find an original fountain from which  the sweet nectar flows choose between the labels.

With its vaulted red-brick ceiling, the Cella di Bacco preserves the fragrances of top quality wines served in superior glasware .

Around an old oak table, guests can sample the best selections of cold hams and salami and cheeses or savour elegant dinners even by candlelight.

Château Monfort also offers wine tasting tours DiWine, by Michele Garbuio – Best Sommelier of Italy.

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Milan, Italy

Château Monfort is a five-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Milan. The hotel will enchant you with its beautifully restored and elegantly furnished interiors, with an atmosphere and charm reminiscent of a romantic castle, to allow each guest to act out the leading role in their own favourite fairy tale.