Enterprise Hotel is the reign of the appetizers on Thursday night. Sounds, lights and music, always original and different, entertain your evenings with good taste and happy atmosphere.

Today, in a “happy hour” mood, we want to share with you a super shake of art that will definitely get you in a good humor.

Imagine going to the bar and order our favorite cocktail, for example a Sex on the Beach. What would happen if, before drinking, we observed it under a microscope?

Voilà… our cocktail would be transformed into an art work by the colors and flavors of summer:

cocktails under a microscope

The original idea dates back to the nineties when Michael Davis, a researcher at the University of Florida, was looking for money to fund his laboratory. His attention fell on the DNA of cocktails and rediscovered them in an authentic and new art.

Piña Colada

cocktails under a microscope

Gin & Tonic

cocktails under a microscope

The fantastic kaleidoscope of colors in the pictures can be seen on the website BevShots, young start-up committed to experience art distilled.

Now your cocktails will be even better and, if you take a ride on the website, you’ll also find new ideas for your gifts thanks to the sale of kaleidoscopic prints in high definition.

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