Elephant Parade Milan – Elephant  Parade  is the largest open-air art  exhibition in preservation of the Asian elephant worldwide.

Painted by local and international artists, celebrities and designers, each elephant is a unique piece of art.

After Heerlen, Copenhagen and Singapore now the Elephant Parade is beginning in Milan – from th 16th of September till November…open your eyes and look for the elephants!

Elephant Parade Milan – About 80 artistic elephants will be all around Milan to communicate the value in supporting the conservation of Asian elephants; inside the main museums, in the famous La Rinascente luxury shopping centre, along the streets, in the main squares of the city and inside the Enterprise Hotel Milan, you can find the artistic elephants.

Moreover Enterprise Hotel has adopted the “MOM” elephant – the fancy pink elephant painted by the Italian artist Laura Giardino

Why protecting the Asian elephants?

In the last 100 years, the number of Asian elephants in existence has fallen by 90%. Approximately 150,000 Asian elephants have died within the past 25 years and today there are fewer than 35,000 of these animals left in all of Asia. In Thailand there are only 4,000 elephants left, with only 1,500 living in the wild. Unless we act now, the Asian elephant will  be extinct within a few decades

Elephant Parade Milan 2011 – Enterprise Hotel Milan supports Elephant Parade

In November, at the end of the Parade, all the elephant are auctioned and part of all proceeds is donated to the Asian Elephant Foundation and to Telethon Foundation too.

Enterprise Hotel is proud to be an Elephant Parade Patron and will spend all its efforts to promote this large exhibition.

Main related events organized by Elephant Parade & Enterprise Hotel:

On 22nd of sept. at Enterprise Hotel Milan Elephant Parade Party – starting at 7 pm – funny and coloured party to wlcome the parade in milan

October at Enterprise Hotel Milan: artistic workshop reserved to children and families to decorate miniature elephants

To promote the whole big exhibition even toward tourists, Enterprise Hotel has prepared a special Elephant Parade Visit tour – a special package including

–          Overnight
–          American buffet breakfast
–          Elephant Parade art book
–          2 tickets for public transportation (24h validity)
–          10% discount at our Sophia’s Restaurant
–          1 bottle of Italian wine


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