Precious paintings will come from Budapest for be shown in the exhibition “Da Raffaello a Schiele” in Milan.

Come at the exhibition “Da Raffaello a Schiele” in Milan to admire the artists that marked the occidental’s art

The exhibition “Da Raffaello a Schiele” in Milan, that it will take place from the 17th of September 2015 to the 7th of February 2016 at Palazzo Reale, it will give you the occasion to admire 70 masterpieces that come from the Budapest’s  Museum of Art. The paintings that you will see belong at the period that goes from the renaissance to the end of ‘800, this fact will give you the chance to see the evolution that the story of the occidental’s art had in a prolific period for all the artists in Europe.

For all the art’s lovers, at the exhibition “Da Raffaello a Schiele” in Milan will be possible to discover in deep a lot of artists that marked the history of the Occidental’s painting, between these there will be Raffaello, Cezanne, Tintoretto and many others great characters that will enrich the contents in this gallery, above the different signatures you will have the chance to discover even  different genders of painting, from the sacred object at the portrait until the death nature.

Do you want a place to sojourn for the exibition “Da Raffaello a Schiele” in Milan?

Enterprise Hotel, 4-star design hotel in Milan, with is original and innovative style is the perfect location for the people that want to sojourn in the occasion of the exhibition “Da Raffaello a Schiele” in Milan, the Real palace, situated in the city centre, is simply to reach with the new underground’s line M5 that is placed at only 500 meters from the Hotel.

Anyone who want to at  Enterprise Hotel for visiting the exhibition “Da Raffaello a Schiele” in Milan, will have a special offer dedicated for all the people that want to pass a sojourn dedicated to the art and the culture.

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