On the green banks of the Arno River, there’s an ancient mansion that has been restored to its original splendor.

We are talking about Ville sull’Arno, the luxury 5-star hotel in Florence, that after a complete renovation it reopened its doors. The three villas offer to the guests a pleasant Florentine experience that cannot omit the typical Tuscan food.

Indeed, at the hotel took place a new restaurant Flora&Fauno, a place where local tradition meets the creativity of the Chef.

A new restaurant in Florence

Flora&Fauno, the new restaurant in Florence, combines the elegance of Flora and the wild spirit of Fauno.

A unique place where good food are on the table thanks to our amazing chef, he recreates the taste of traditional Tuscan cuisine in fresh and innovative key. All dishes can be enjoyed in the beautiful setting of the restaurant inside the hotel or in the magnificent dehors by the pool.

All dishes are lovingly prepared by our Chef and his entire brigade choosing local products and perfuming foods with flavors that come from the garden.

new restaurant in Florence

The tortello pappa al pomodoro, smoked ribollita and the lamprey with scampi and Fois gras are just some of the famous Tuscan dishes that the chef proposes in a new look, but without distorting the traditional flavors.

new restaurant in florence

Let yourself be pampered by the peaceful atmosphere of Ville sull’Arno and enjoy the new restaurant Flora&Fauno in Florence.

The restaurant is opened for lunch from 12.30PM to 2.30PM and for dinner from 7.30PM to 10.30PM, light lunch from 2.30PM to 7.30PM.

For reservations:

tel +39 055 670 971
email info@hotelvillesullarno.com

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Ville sull'Arno is the new Luxury Boutique Resort Hotel in Florence along the River Arno. Ville sull'Arno reveals a new concept, with its thousands meanings an ensemble of magnificent details of art and hospitality.