Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Always amazes tourists due to its wonderful architecture.

Its great history, art and enviable scenery that gives us, makes simply superb.

In the capital, is also the good taste of home and expertly found space in Via Marconi, more peripheral area Roman and dedicated to the world of business.

It is here where the the Hotel Pulitzer is, a hotel that is characterized by its unique design and attention to art, in a familiar attention to detail and unique.

Lobby @HotelPulitzerRoma

Lobby @HotelPulitzerRoma

The hotel owes its beauty to Lazaro Rosa Violan, famous interior designer who, thanks to his reinterpretation of ‘Italian Design of the seventies, has created a unique style.

Opened in February 2008, the Pulitzer is a contemporary and comfortable 4-star hotel, which offers its customers a friendly, personalized and of high quality.

We are confident that you too will be seduced by the enchantment of an elegant and refined environment where the design fits perfectly in a cosmopolitan context, creating a new concept of hospitality.


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Rome, Italy

Hotel Pulitzer, a 4-star design hotel in Rome, has an elegant and sophisticated interior, in contemporary chic style, enhanced by decorative elements and works of art inspired by the seventies.