Planetaria Hotels is an Italian hotel chain that that makes the uniqueness of each structure the strong point of this beautiful reality. Each hotel has its own identity and its own name that make it unique in the genre, in style and atmosphere that reigns inside.
Planetaria Hotels is like a puzzle composed of unique pieces that, joined, produce a copyright painting. It’s from the this union that the project that links the different souls of our hotels takes shape: we are a group! Commercially speaking, we had the desire to make it known to everyone realizing an event to experience all this to those who over the years have trusted in us, our guests or potentials.

We wanted to make ourselves known as individual representatives of a great reality realizing something that represents us. We did not want a boring or standard representation, nor a common aperitif where exchange business cards. This is why we decided to organize a Cooking Experience to share the best of Planetaria: experience, emotion, surprise, fun, knowledge and interaction with the idea of wellness, travel and relaxation.

We consulted and shared together our ideas trying to imagine them in a setting familiar to us: our hotels. During a brainstorming via Skype we lived with our imagination what then became a traveling project that in September will be in Milan for the last stop of a tour full of satisfactions.

Our recipe of the success is not a secret and we reveal all of our main ingredients: 4 Chefs representatives the 4 regions where Planetaria Hotels has hotels, 1 comedian, 1 mime, 1 pinch of adventure and only 1 great fun!

What is the Cooking Experience of Planetaria Hotels?

It’s entertainment: we opened the doors to our guests with an extraordinary mime. In every city we contacted a well-known local comedian. We laughed and joked with our guests by making funny photos and we exchanged opinions on the food available to us.

Cooking Experience Planetaria Hotels

It’s emotional experience: no chair, no hierarchy. All together to achieve something within the reach of anyone willing to test themselves. We offer our guests 4 different stations, each manned by one of our wonderful 4 Chefs: Chef Otello Moser of Enterprise Hotel in Milan, Chef Marco Offidani of Ville sull’Arno in Florence, Chef Paolo Brando of Hotel Pulitzer in Rome and Chef Stefano Butti of Grand Hotel Savoia in Genoa. One goal: cook with them a regional recipe following their tricks.

Cooking Experience Planetaria Hotels

It’s knowledge: we learned secrets and culinary tricks, but expecially we met lots of people. With Chef hats, aprons and gloves we found ourselves looking for a bit of salt or a spoon to taste the cream just assembled, we left behind the pleasantries to empathize with our diners. Immediate, fun and relaxing!

Cooking Experience Planetaria Hotels

Planetaria Hotels always aims for exceed expectations and, at the end of the evening, we drew and gave some wonderful stays… of course in Planetaria Hotels! 😉

A truly winning format which, though not very original (we admit that the dining experience is a trend), was made unique by the people who realized and lived it. Start an adventure with a smile and end it with a laugh it’s a must for Planetaria Hotels!

About The Author

Planetaria Hotels is a totally Italian hotel chain, established in the mid-1990s, which started out far from the neutral style and standardised layouts then in favour, taking the risk of creating a new product on the hotel industry scene. The hotels of the group are in Milan, Trezzo sull'Adda, Genoa, Florence and Rome.