The magic period of every year that children love, is started and slowly we’re in a Christmas mood. Going around Milan you can see the first lights and decorations, we thinks about how decorate our Christmas tree, buy presents and at the end we have to think where spend the Christmas day.

This year Château Monfort want to give you a present, an amazing present! Have a look:

Hotel Chateau Monfort Milan_ROOM1€ Christmas in Milan

Your Christmas in Milan @ChateauMonfort

Christmas in Milan at 1€?

Yes, if you spend the night on Christmas Eve at Château Monfort the next night you’ll pay only 1€ . A good reason to have a Christmas in Milan and to avoid an expensive stay.

Here every details.

Lights, roasted chestnuts, art and so much shopping are waiting for you at the fashion capital for an amazing Christmas in Milan!



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Château Monfort is a five-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Milan. The hotel will enchant you with its beautifully restored and elegantly furnished interiors, with an atmosphere and charm reminiscent of a romantic castle, to allow each guest to act out the leading role in their own favourite fairy tale.