As you know, the working week sometime seems endless. A lot of things to do and too-hectic increase an indescribable desire to switch off and relax.

To wait for the weekend without trouble we need something special, a promise, a surprise or an appointment. Something unique as the Château Monfort brunch.

Every Sunday from 12.30PM to 3PM take an appointment with the amazing Château Monfort brunch. The hotel thought not only at its guests but also at external people and it wait for you for an abundant and tasty buffet.

Chateau Monfort Brunch Milan

brunch @ChateauMonfort

Starters, pasta, meat and fish, soups and roasted will be the key players of the brunch buffet! Stay tuned on our facebook profile.

BRUNCH CHATEAU monfort Milan

brunch @ChateauMonfort

News from the web:
Which is the origin of bruch word?

We found that ‘brunch’ comes from the words ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’. It means a meal after breakfast but before lunch. The main idea was to have a meal less formal and this is the reason why brunch uses the buffet.

It was a great idea, brunch comes from America but now it’s famous everywhere.

This post makes us hungry. And to you?
See you at Château  Monfort brunch!


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