In the magnificent Grand Hotel Savoia, 5-star hotel in the heart of Genoa, the summer has brought a wonderful and delightful change.

A restaurant in Genoa to travel discovering the flavors of Liguria

Salgari Restaurant, the restaurant inside the hotel where you can try the cooking of Liguria, has moved to an exclusive location. During July and August, every evening from 7.30PM to 10.30PM, you can have dinner at sunset and candlelight on the seventh floor of the Grand Hotel Savoia.

restaurant in Genoa, romantic dinner in Genoa

The journey and the discovery of flavors of Liguria and of distant worlds are the central themes of the proposal of Salgari Restaurant. A food&wine journey with particular focus on fish dishes.

“It’s a traditional cooking without wastes” is how the Chef Luciano Capannelli defines his restaurant in Genoa. The seasonality of the fish and the respect of its production cycles are aspects to which the chef and his entire brigade take cake every day. Furthermore, the Salgari Restaurant is a place where you can find conviviality thanks to courses for multiple, such as sharing plates of the Vessel, the Crew or the Captain. For those who do not like the flavors of the sea and prefer to keep their feet on the ground it was also created a selection of dishes of the Vessel at Harbour and dishes of Ciurma at Harbour.

restaurant in Genoa

La Terrazza di Salgari
Via Arsenale di Terra 5 – Genoa
Tel. +39 010 2772831

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Grand Hotel Savoia is a 5-star jewel of hospitality in the centre of Genoa. Entering the Grand Hotel Savoia is like stepping back into the past on board a marvellous transatlantic liner sailing for distant shores.