In the magical world of Château Monfort there are also a romantic restaurant.

We are talking about Rubacuori Restaurant, where you can enjoy delicacies amongst cups and teapots turned into lamps.

Lunch break in Milan with Juan Lapin

An ancient legend tells that a cute rabbit, named Juan Lapin, found the love at Château Monfort. The 5-star hotel in the center of Milan became the residence of the rabbit and all his friends.

Inspired by this magic, we wanted to propose you a nice and tasty lunch break in Milan.

Thanks to our Executive Chef Marco Offidani, we have created a special lunch named ‘Rabbit Lunch’ and it’s as fast as the cute bunny.

Rabbit Lunch: a smart&chic lunch break in Milan

Rabbit Lunch is the new tasty formula for your lunch breaks in Milan. A single course, water and coffee included for €29.

Here’s an example of our Rabbit Lunch. Single course consisting of: tagliatelle with porcini and turbot, skewer of salmon with oriental sauce, meatballs with provolone cheese on strawberry gazpacho.

lunch break in Milan

The menù changes daily and it depends on the seasonality of products and inspiration of our Chef.

Who knows what will come out today from our kitchen? If you want to find it out, come to Rubacuori Restaurant for a smart lunch break in Milan, but refined at the same time.

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Château Monfort is a five-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Milan. The hotel will enchant you with its beautifully restored and elegantly furnished interiors, with an atmosphere and charm reminiscent of a romantic castle, to allow each guest to act out the leading role in their own favourite fairy tale.