We’ve just introduced our Chef Marco Offidani, but if you haven’t read our post you can find it here.

Now you know who every day is in the kitchen of the Rubacuori Restaurant, aren’t you curious to know what he cooks?

Here’s a tasty answer, a good recipe reveiled by the Chef.

That’s a delicious starter to satisfy your tastes and your sight. Have a look…

how to cook a starter

How to cook… a tasty starter? Here’s the recipes:

 San Marzano tomato stuffed with mozzarella, buffalo milk mozzarella and slowly cooked aubergines


  • San Marzano Tomatoes
  • Tuscan Bread
  • Carot
  • Onion
  •  Peppers
  • Cellar
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Olive Oil
  • Aubergines 
Take tomatoes, groove a cross on them, blanch them in salted water for 20 seconds and drain.
When they are cooled down, skin them and cut the two extremities so you can stuffed with panzanella.
Take aubergines, skin and cut them, season with salt, pepper and vinegar. Put them in a vacuum-sealed bag, close and place it in a microwave for 3 minutes.
When you have prepared the three elements, assemble the dish with tomato, 100g mozzarella and slowly cooked aubergines.
Now we know how to cook this appetizer but we got hungry… and you?

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