Technology never stops. Every day we learn about new products, increasingly innovative and today, we at Enterprise Hotel, that we’re always fascinated by all the new inventions, we found on the web a nice tool, very simple but ingenious.

We’re talking about Parrot Flower Power, a perfect APP to those who’d love to have a green thumb.

PARROT FLOWER POWER caring for plants with an APP

Developed by a French technology company of consumer electronic products for smartphones and tablets, Parrot Flower Power is the first intelligent wireless sensor. A cute twig with Bluetooth Smart.

Parrot Flower Power caring for plants with an APP

Caring for plants has never been easier with Parrot Flower Power

How does it work ? It’s easy!

Just put this sensor into the soil of your plant and it will record all the information about it . Potted plants or plants in the ground, the small sensor Bluetooth is able of analyze 4 basic criteria for the growth of your plants: soil moisture, fertilizer, temperature and light intensity.

Everything is connected to a simple APP through which, after your account is created, you can select the plant that you want to monitor in a library with over 6,000 plants, trees and vegetables. A virtual agenda that reminds you of the daily tasks and for the days to come .

If you have the desire to flourish your terrace or garden , Parrot Flower Power could be a great counselor to caring for plants!

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