Thursday 26th June, 2016 Enterprise Hotel got the Positive Business Award 2016 in the category Travelling Experience.

Palo Alto school, the main non-academic Italian Business School, awarded Enterprise for the #EnterprisEvolution project. The hotel is distinguished by its ability to be at the forefront of ospitality overturning the classic parameter of the welcome to the reception. The reception desk has been removed and replaced by the “welcome table“: a large round table that changes the style of hospitality with a greater conviviality and Italian spirit.

Another news is the elimination of the lobby making way for the Sophia’s Living: an innovative space to help to “log off” from the hectic of the city by ralaxation areas, for reading, for conversation or for snack breaks.

The award was collected by the Architect Sofia Gioia Vedani, CEO of Planetaria Hotels, along with Damiano De Crescenzo, General Manager of Enterprise Hotel and Planetaria Hotels.

Positive Business Enterprise Hotel travelling experience


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Milan, Italy

Opened in 2002, the Enterprise Hotel is the first 4 star superior design hotel in Milan. It'is the boutique hotel that best represents Milan’s creative and innovative spirit, with its ideal combination of inventive design and traditional efficiency.