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ristorante a Trezzo sull'Adda

Today is the turn of Chef Marco who, after his funny interview, wants to tell us some nice curiosity about Florence. Enjoy the story!

A silly bread since 1100

When you think about Tuscan cuisine we can’t forget the bread, the bread without salt.

The origin of this food goes back to 1100 when Pisa, the whose port was famous for the main supplies of salt, closed the exportation of it in Florence, the eternal rival city, thinking in this way to force them to surrender. They thought it was impossible to give up salt.


For Florence there wasn’t problem: there was not salt, but they had wheat so they began the production of unsalted bread. This new food fed the people of Florence and soon became a good product also for the rest of Tuscany.

A bread without salt, born by chance and perhaps from too much pride of Florence, has become essential to bring out in the best way the strong taste of cheeses and meats of Tuscany.


Thanks to the Chef Marco that has revealed why the bread in Florence it’s without salt. he wants to add that the story told above is not the only about this food, legends about unsalted bread are different, but he likes to believe that it came from the result of a Florence fighter. We suggest to visit the restaurant Flora & Fauno to try the bread without salt combined with the goodness of Tuscany. Chef Marco will be happy to cook for you! 😉

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