The Chefs of Planetaria Hotels have started their #PlanetChefTour in the most beautiful Italian cities: a journey to discover all the flavors and legends about local traditions.

ristorante a Trezzo sull'Adda

Today is the turn of Chef Luciano who, after his funny interview, wants to tell us two stories about Genoese cooking.

A lake full of biscuits

Everyone passing through Genoa will have tasted, or even heard of, the cookies called Lagaccio. But who knows their origin?

All started with Andrea Doria, a nobleman became admiral, who in 1500 built his sumptuous villa on the sea front. Inside the villa there were some mills and a fountain of Neptune, they needed a lot of water. So the Prince asked to build a dam in the hills of Oregina and Granarolo, necessary to collect rainwater and spring. The dam was built and formed an artificial lake, although it was useful also to the citizens of the area, none liked it and it was disparagingly called Lagaccio (bad lake).

In 1652, about a century later, the Republic chose to build in that area rich in water, a gunpowder factory. The factory was flanked by a laboratory of the gallette, simple type of crackers to supply fleets of the Republic and so began the production of a particular cookie rich and light called Lagaccio.

A sea full of chick peas

Another typical dish of Genoa is Farinata: a thin salt cake, made with flour, chick peas, water, salt and olive oil.

The dish dates back to 1284, when Genoa defeated Pisa in the battle of Meloria. The Genoese galleys, with rowers prisoners, they found themselves involved in a storm that knocked over some jars of oil and sacks of chick peas that are soaked in salt water.

At the sailors was served in bowls a puree of chickpeas and oil. Some sailors refused the eat and left the puree to dry in the sun which made the mixture into a kind of pancake.

The next day, driven by too much hunger, the sailors began to eat the prepared discovering that was not so bad. Returned to earth, the Genoese tried to improve the new discovered dish and began to cook the puree into the oven. The result was much appreciated and was called “the gold of Pisa”.


Thanks to the Chef Luciano which has revealed two nice little stories about some typical dishes of Genoa. We suggerst to go to the Salgari Restaurant or Trattoria Tralalero to try the cuisine of talented Chef. The typical Genoese dishes are his strong suit! 😉



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