The Chefs of Planetaria Hotels have started their #PlanetChefTour in the most beautiful Italian cities: a journey to discover all the flavors and legends about local traditions.

ristorante a Trezzo sull'Adda

Today, the bus stops in Milan to discover all the delights of local cuisine. Chef Otello and his Sous Chef Marco want to tell us a curious story about the best risotto ever.

A “fashion” risotto

A typical dish from Milan is definitely the yellow rice. There are many legends about the origin of risotto with saffron, but the one more credible is that it was used in the 1574 for the first time.

Mastro Valerio di Fiandra, Flemish who at the time worked at the windows of the Duomo in Milan, had an assistant nicknamed Saffron. His nickname was given because he loved to mix always a bit of saffron in his mixes, he wanted to make the colors more vivid. One day the Mastro Valerio told him that if he continued to use saffron would also put it into the dishes. Saffron, on the day of the wedding of the daughter of the Master and in agreement with the cook, served the risotto with the addition of saffron. The guests appreciated the saffron and also its yellow gold color. This “fashionable” dish collected an unexpected success.

Thank you very much to our chefs for having revealed the origin of Milanese risotto and, if you want to know them, you’ll find them behind the cookers of Sophia’s Restaurant in Milan.


After a delicious main course, it’s the turn of Chef Martin and Pastry Chef Paolo that want to talk about the origin of dessert Barbajada.


Among the sweets of Milanese cuisine, in addition to Panettone, there are also some delicious recipes that are often linked to famous people.

It’s the case of the dessert Barbajada, named by its inventor Domenico Barbaja, a bartender who became manager at La Scala Theatre.

In 1800, when he began his career as a waiter in a cafe in Milan, he began serving a particular type of coffee with milk foam. A drink made with chocolate and coffee, a kind of “marocchino”. This drink was named Barbajada and soon became famous in Milan. From simple waiter, Domenico Barbaja opened a number of cafes in the city that became famous for this new specialty.

Thanks to Chefs who show us a new version of coffee and, if you want to know them, you’ll find them in the magical kitchen of Rubacuori Restaurant in Milan.

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