The Chefs of Planetaria Hotels have started their #PlanetChefTour in the most beautiful Italian cities: a journey to discover all the flavors and legends about local traditions.

ristorante a Trezzo sull'Adda

Today, the bus stops in Rome to discover all the delights of local cuisine and Chef Paolo wants to tell us a story about a typical side dish of the gastronomy of Lazio.

Artichokes at the end of a day

The “Carciofi alla giudìa”, literally “Jewish style artichokes”, are a typical side dish of Rome, but who knows the reason for the name?

In order to understand the reason for the name, you must go back in time, exactly at the time of the ancient Jewish ghetto in Rome. Just in this place, the housewives of Jewish origin used very often the “mammola”: an artichoke typical of Lazio. The preparation of this side dish was simple and practical, but at the same time the result was excellent. This dish was usually eaten on the occasion of Kippur, also known as the feast of atonement, which is a day of total fasting. A day without eating and drinking and also abstain from any work or fun, only meditation and prayer.

After spending 24 hours of fasting, the Jews ate these artichokes, which was later given the name “Jewish style artichokes”.



Thanks to our Chef Paolo for having revealed a little story about Roman artichokes. If you want to know the chef,  you can find him into the kitchen of Paparazzi Restaurant at the Hotel Pulitzer in Rome. We suggest to try his artichokes “alla giudia”! 😉

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