How beautiful Rome? Nondescript might be the right answer. Outstanding would instead be the perfect adjective, if visiting the city was accompanied also a dizzying experience of relaxation.

At the Hotel Pulitzer charm of Rome and relaxation coincide.

That’s right, the hotel has thought about the well-being of its guests by recreating a very special space. From a terrace on the fifth floor you can relax and at the same time, enjoy the breathtaking view of the capital. How? Just soak in a hot tub, letting the water caress and enjoy the wonder of a warm sunset. But if you are in good company, this time will be unforgettable.


About The Author

Rome, Italy

Hotel Pulitzer, a 4-star design hotel in Rome, has an elegant and sophisticated interior, in contemporary chic style, enhanced by decorative elements and works of art inspired by the seventies.