Sweet Dog’s Life is a new way to offer hospitality to dogs and cats, created and promoted by the hotel group Planetaria Hotels, to offer hospitality&pampering to all of our four-legged friends.

Sweet life… for dogs and cats into the hotels of Planetaria Hotels

The project ‘Sweet Dog’s Life’ and ‘Sweet Cat’s Life’ was born for making the protagonists of the stay our four-legged friends. In all the structures of the group it’s dedicated a special care to all dogs and cats.

The small dogs and cats can safely sleep in the same room of the owners without the requirement of any additional charge for their stay at the hotel. It’s necessary inform the hotel about the presence of the animal before your arrival to getting you the right room.

You can also use the service “Sweet Dog’s Life” or “Sweet Cat’s Life” so when you’ll arrive you may find in your room the following products:

  • Doggy Lounge: a comfortable, soft and colorful pillow for your dog or cat to sleep or simply lounge on
  • A disposable mat to place under its food and water bowls
  • A disposable bowl that can be tucked in your bag if you decide to bring your four-legged friend along on your tour of the city
  • Yummy kibble for a tasty snack after your long journey
  • A detailed pamphlet containing useful emergency numbers: nearest vet, 24-hour animal emergency room…
  • Fun postcards to send to your friends to tell them all about your pet-friendly hotel experience in Milan with your travel companion.

The “Sweet Dog’s Life” and “Sweet Cat’s Life” has a cost of only € 5 per day, and can also be booked on the website of the hotels, when choosing the type of room, as an additional service.

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About The Author

Planetaria Hotels is a totally Italian hotel chain, established in the mid-1990s, which started out far from the neutral style and standardised layouts then in favour, taking the risk of creating a new product on the hotel industry scene. The hotels of the group are in Milan, Trezzo sull'Adda, Genoa, Florence and Rome.