The Escher exhibition in Rome offers a view on his artistic works that explore the mathematic and space world, working on prospective concept balanced between art and geometry.

The art exhibition, named Escher, points up the attitude of artist to observe the nature in different way, through his images makes the culture universes seemingly irreconcilable.

The Escher exhibition  in Rome | The artist most loved from mathematical, in exhibition at Chiostro del Bramante

The works of the artist will be show, from September 20th 2014 to February 22nd 2015, at Chiostro del Bramante in Rome.

escher exhibition in rome

Escher is best known for his wood engravings and lithographs that are impossible constructions. They serve to emphasize the geometric and logical paradox in which the artist has made a real art form.

Mathematicians and scientists call him the alchemist of art: an artist who blends theory and mathematical concepts in the form of impossible architecture, following the natural forms and irrational at the same time, for a unique artistic achievement and extraordinarily original.

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