A collection of colored pottery is created by Vito Nesta, giving rise to “Sartoria”. The young designer has cleverly found inspiration in her family background, which is humbly space a seamstress grandmother.

Vito thinks, designs and mades a collection ceramic lacquer, entirely inspired by the world of her grandmother. Buttons, wires, needles and thimbles are magnified and become beautiful design elements.

Vito Nesta

inDITO: vase-shaped thimble;

beauTONI: a beautiful colored plate which reproduces the shape of a button;

bobiniQUE: a lovely skein that becomes a candle holder;

matasSAL & PEPitolo: salt and pepper in the shape of ball;

Triago: needle-shaped flower vase.

Great works, accompanied by the original names that immediately captures the attention and raise a smile.

“Project should be looking for a structural link with the past, as I like to put emphasis on the function unchanged over time, history and the social role” says the author. A true modern reinterpretation of everyday objects, giving rise to contemporary design.

Visit Vito Nesta website to discover this beautiful project and his many other works, equally curious and original.


About The Author

Rome, Italy

Hotel Pulitzer, a 4-star design hotel in Rome, has an elegant and sophisticated interior, in contemporary chic style, enhanced by decorative elements and works of art inspired by the seventies.