At Trezzo sull’Adda there’s a typical restaurant called La Cantina and it’s located in the beautiful hotel BW Villa Appiani. In the backstage of the kitchen you can find Chef Alessandro that, with its skills and passion, manages his team generating unmissable lunches and dinners.


NAME: Alessandro Giriberti
RESIDENCE: between the pots of the restaurant La Cantina in Trezzo sull’Adda

restaurant in Trezzo sull'Adda Chef Alessandro

First of all Goodmorning and thanks for your time that you gave us in your kingdom. It would be a good practice start the interview by asking what is your preferred dish to cook, but we want to know more about you so we ask you… what is the dish you hate to cook?

<<There’s no dish without soul: I do everything with love and this is the reason why I love everything that I cook for others.>>

Noah in his ark saved seven couples of animals, which ingredients would you never leave on land?
<<Tomatoe & Basil: Italians do it better!>>

A four hands dinner with Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich, Antonino Cannavacciuolo or if you want something done, do it yourself?
<<Absolutely a four hands dinner because I think that work in team achieves better results. I’d like to work with Larysa Ramsey, Pasquale Bastianich and Silvia Cannavacciuolo… a well done job is guarantee!>>

Now we ask you to complete the sentence: if I hadn’t become a chef I’d have done…
<<Without a doubt a cook. Cookers make my heart pound since I was a child.>>

Carlo Cracco says that “To be cool you have to use the shallot”, but if we want just cooking well?
<<If you want to be a chef, you’ve to turn off the TV and turn on the cookers!>>

To finish the interview we want to know who is your master, the person from which you learned more.
<<I always admire the dishes by Chef Claudio Sadler, but my true Masters are my Mum and Dad. My first fans!>>

I segreti dello Chef Otello

Thanks a lot to chef Alessandro that granted us this funny interview. If you want to know him or if you want to taste his delicacies you can find him in the kitchen of the restaurant La Cantina situated in via Sala 17 in Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan). We recommend you the first course “casoncelli alla bergamasca”!

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