In the heart of Genoa, in front of Porta Principe railway station, there are two restaurants and a great Chef. We’re talking about Salgari Restaurant and Trattoria Tralalero and about their Chef Luciano that, with his culinary talent, knows how to surprise everyone who come into his kingdom.


NAME: Luciano Cappannelli
PARTICULARITY: grumpy and tireless
RESIDENCE: behind the cookers of Salgari Restaurant and Trattoria Tralalero

ristorante a Genova Chef Luciano

First of all Goodmorning and thanks for your time that you gave us in your kingdom. It would be a good practice start the interview by asking what is your preferred dish to cook, but we want to know more about you so we ask you… what is the dish you hate to cook?
<<Ask me everything, but don’r ask me to bake cakes! I don’t like any cake, but “Bavarese” is the one that I really don’t like to bake, because it has a long preparation.>>

Noah in his ark saved seven couples of animals, which ingredients would you never leave on land?
<<Definitely basil, essential for “pesto sauce” and to embellish almost all the Genoese dishes. Olives that give much more flavor to many dishes. Marjoram that, as for the basil, is an important flavour for the Genoese tradition. At the end, the italian cheese “ricotta” useful for the preparation of a lot of dishes, especially the Genoese cakes.>>

A four hands dinner with Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich, Antonino Cannavacciuolo or if you want something done, do it yourself?
<<The only one that I would like to cook with is Antonino Cannavacciuolo. Anyway, I think that if you want something done, do it yourself!>>

Now we ask you to complete the sentence: if I hadn’t become a chef I’d have done…
<<…a cook! During my life I had the fortune to realize my dream becoming a chef and I can’t see myself in any other position.>>

Carlo Cracco says that “To be cool you have to use the shallot”, but if we want just cooking well?
<<I don’t want to be cool and I prefer garlic and onion!>>

To finish the interview we want to know who is your master, the person from which you learned more.
<<I started to work when I was a young man, I was 16. When I arrived at Grand Hotel Savoia I’ve had the pleasure to work with Chef Riva, a person so expert in his job and know nationally, also from the member of “Associazione Cuochi”. Work with him was so precious for me and I remember him with affection.>>

I segreti dello Chef Otello

Thanks a lot to chef Luciano that granted us this funny interview. If you want to know him or if you want to taste his delicacies you can find him in the kitchen of the Salgari Restaurant and Trattoria Tralalero situated in Genoa. We recommend to try his “Cappon magro” because the combination of fish and vegetable makes you droll!

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