Today, we want to bring you at the backstage of Sophia’s Restaurant and let you know the man who manages the kitchen of this elegant restaurant in Milan and that, with his creativity and mastery, is the main creator of the success of the restaurant.


NAME: Otello Moser
PARTICULARITY: don’t make him angry
RESIDENCE: behind the cookers of Sophia’s Restaurant

Chef Otello Enterprise Hotel restaurant in Milan

First of all Goodmorning and thanks for your time that you gave us in your kingdom. It would be a good practice start the interview by asking what is your preferred dish to cook, but we want to know more about you so we ask you… what is the dish you hate to cook?
<<None, because I think that everyone has to see the cooking entirely. Maybe there is something that I like the least and now it’s the meat. I think it’s a generational trend, when I was young I liked more to cook meat and now less. Another reason is because when I was young I ate much more meat; now I prefer something like vegetables and fish, I eat more of those things in comparison with time ago.>>


Noah in his ark saved seven couples of animals, which ingredients would you never leave on land?
<<Surely the flour, because it’s necessary to make bread. After I would bring with me cheeses, tomato, eggs, peppers and aromatics herbs that I really love and I often use in cooking. Finally the salt, because we always have to try to put salt in our life!>>

A four hands dinner with Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich, Antonino Cannavacciuolo or if you want something done, do it yourself?
<<In my opinion if you want something done, do it yourself but, if I have to cooperate with one of them, I’d choose Cannavacciuolo, for a patriotic reason.>>

Now we ask you to complete the sentence: if I hadn’t become a chef I’d have done…
<<… a baker, because for me make the bread is an art! I like the bakeries where, in addition to make not only normal bread or industrial one, they use different mixture and various cereals for make it. Moreover, I think that the bread is fundamental, because it’s one of the first food in the history of the sedentary man and no more hunter. The bread was always a seed that I bring inside of me and, if I had to stop doing the chef, I would like to be a baker, even if now it’s not a profitable sector. The bread gives me a sense of life with its various cooking phases, the leavening… I think that they are an art. I love even the smell of it in the morning, I think that it’s fantastic and it reminds me good memories.>>

Carlo Cracco says that “To be cool you have to use the shallot”, but if we want just cooking well?
<<I agree with Cracco, but I would not use it for be cool, but I’d use it with the brain, searching for the rights combinations. It has to be a reasoned thing and not improvised, everything has to be tested and tried in this work. Nothing is done at random without a reasoning.>>

To finish the interview we want to know who is your master, the person from which you learned more.
<<I’ve to say that with the years I lost the vision of the chef like a divinity, at my time the chef was someone at the top of the hierarchy, someone who laid down the law. Now I took the best from everyone, from everyone we have to take the bad and good part. However for my evolution for sure the first chefs gave me more imprint, they brought me here; especially the chefs of the not starred restaurants, with whom I worked at the beginning, there was more human relation and later, when I worked in starred restaurants, I understood that there the human relations are not present.>>

I segreti dello Chef Otello

Thanks a lot to chef Otello that granted us this funny interview. If you want to know him or if you want to taste his delicacies you can find him in the kitchen of the Sophia’s Restaurant situated in Sempione 91 in Milan. His “risotto alla milanese” is something exceptional!


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