After the presentation of the chef of Sophia’s Restauranttoday we will let you know the person that every day helps the chef to manage the kitchen and to create dishes that satisfy every client. His name is Marco and he’s a very young and capable Sous chef that, with his good mood, can always cheer the kitchen.


NAME: Marco Ponti
PARTICULARITY: always in a good mood and he’s always ready with a quick comeback
RESIDENCE: behind the flames of Sophia’s Restaurant

restaurant in Milan Chef Marco

First of all Goodmorning and thanks for your time that you gave us in your kingdom. It would be a good practice start the interview by asking what is your preferred dish to cook, but we want to know more about you so we ask you… what is the dish you hate to cook?
<<Sincerely I don’t have it, if I had had a hateful dish to cook I wouldn’t have become a chef. Every dish has its pros and cons and personally I always try to find the bright side of every dish.>>

Noah in his ark saved seven couples of animals, which ingredients would you never leave on land?
<<For sure the meat, because I like to eat and cook it. I can’t also renounce at fruits and vegetables. However I would take all, give away something would be painful, in my opinion we need all to cook well.>>


A four hands dinner with Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich, Antonino Cannavacciuolo or if you want something done, do it yourself?
<<If you want something done, do it yourself! In a case I have to work in a team I’ll prefer for sure to work with the persons that are growth professionally with me. However, I think that is better alone than badly accompanied.>>

Now we ask you to complete the sentence: if I hadn’t become a chef I’d have done…
<<…a the carpenter, for the fact that also in this case it starts with raw materials and after they evolve until the final creation, same as cooking. Furthermore, the wood always gave me a sense of heat and life.>>

Carlo Cracco says that “To be cool you have to use the shallot”, but if we want just cooking well?
<<I would use the shallot but only where I need it, more than tastes in cooking there are rules, for every dish there’s its match. However, I personally appreciate the shallot, if someone ask me if I prefer onion, garlic or shallot I’ll say for sure the last one.>>

To finish the interview we want to know who is your master, the person from which you learned more.
<<It’s an unreal person, that is an hybrid between all the collaborators that I had in all my career, everyone of them gave me something and they helped me to increase my skills in the course of time.>>

I segreti dello Chef Otello

Thanks a lot to the Sous chef Marco that granted us this funny interview. If you want to know him or if you want to taste his delicacies you can find him in the kitchen of the Sophia’s Restaurant situated in Corso Sempione 91 in Milan. We advise you to try his inimitable strong dish: pacchero monococco with peas, sardines and mint!

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