The history of Villa Appiani has far away origins…

It starts when in Lombardy ruled the Habsburgs, as we know, did the cultural hub of northern Europe.

The first information that we were able to find dates back to the cadastre of Charles VI (1721), in which the current Villa Appiani is sympathetically called “noble house with garden” and appears to be headed to Busselton Antonio, belonging to an ancient family of feudal lords of Lombardy.

Villa Appiani

In the following years Villa Appiani has been featured in several changes of ownership, at least until 1830, the year in which the “noble house with garden” passed into the hands of Alberico Appiani. Mr. Appiani was the grandson of Donna Giovanna De Caroli Vimercati, who had purchased the property in previous years.

It will only since 1885 that the Villa will be transformed into a wonderful accommodation business, changing its name from ‘Hotel Trezzo’ to ‘Hotel Trezzo’, up to the current ‘Villa Appiani’.

Via Valverde. Postale del 1911, ed A.Cittadini – Bergamo (collezione Rino Tinelli, Trezzo)

Via Valverde. Postale del 1953, ed foto Wells – Bergamo (collezione Rino Tinelli, Trezzo)

After all these years we can say that the Villa has acquired a truly magnificent charm. What do you think?

Villa Appiani


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